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Syvota Activity Focus: Rafting and Acheron Springs

Our new centre in the beautiful and unspoiled Greek fishing village of Threspotia, Syvota, has many unique activities on offer and is an idyllic location to try something new.

One of those activities is a visit to the famous Acheron gorge and springs which is only a 45 min drive from our luxurious Mega Ammos hotel. Myth has it, Achilles was bathed by his mother and gained his superhero powers here.

We leave straight after breakfast so there is enough time to walk a short way through the forest to the springs. Those undaunted by the water temperature (a cool 9 degrees even in the height of summer) can then walk in the middle of the river right up into the spectacular gorge. Sometimes the water is only ankle deep; sometimes you’ll be wading waist deep (wetsuit trousers supplied if wanted).

Out of the gorge you’ll also get a chance to try something new – rafting down the river. Led by an experienced guide you’ll ride downstream on a rigid inflatable boat for about 15 minutes before returning upstream in our minibus. For anyone who wants even more of a real ‘back to nature’ experience you can choose to ride the river again on a kayak - this time without an instructor.

To see what else is included in your Syvota Healthy Options holiday do have a look at our sample schedule here.

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